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About 8th Print Pack Sign Expo

The PRINTPACK AND SIGN EXPO will be held at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi, Kenya from 19 - 21 September 2023 by Tashikka Trade Fairs Limited. A three-day global conference will cover Pre-press, Label Printing, Screen and Textile Printing, Digital, Post-press, Corrugation, Converting, Rigid and Flexible Packaging, Service and Software, Paper and Consumables, and Spares from across the world.

Tashikka takes big businesses to new emerging high-potential markets. Tashikka's edge lies in its network development over the years through integrity and perseverance. The company has been instrumental in bridging the industry gap between local requirements and company supply. Wth over two decades of industry experience, the company has been able to analyze the industry at the grass root level and help leading companies reach out to smaller but high potential pockets and create a win-win situation.

Tashikka Trade Fairs Limited endeavors to bring professionals, entrepreneur and companies on a common platform to trade and exchange information and technology for mutual benifits, especally to untapped markets leading to financial and social growth.

Print Pack Sign Expo (PPSE) is an international exhibition for Printing, Packaging, Signage and Allied Machineries. PPSE is a spcialized show to explore business potential in Emerging International Market and smaller High Potential Territories. The exhibitors from across the globe participate and showcase live demonstrations of their equipment and machinery. PPSE has seen regular participation from world's leading brands, such as Canon, Kodak, Xerox, Agfa and over fifty important players n the print packaging market worldwide.

  • Organizing For Over 17 Years
  • Penetration In High-Potential Virgin Markets
  • Huge High Potential Visitors Following

About 2nd International Dairy Expo &              Conference

The 2nd International Dairy Expo and Conference will be organized at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi, Kenya from 27 - 29 September 2023 by Tashikka Trade Fairs Limited. A two-day global conference will also be held concurrent to the expo, wherein the experts from different countries will present the latest technologies and practices adopted in dairy farming, milk processing, and manufacture of value-added milk products and Ice-cream. Dairy is a fast-growing sector that has been responsible for substantial economic returns and employment opportunities. The demand for milk and milk products is growing as a result of an expanding urban middle class that enjoys dairy products. Improvements in efficiency and cold chain development could lead to a significant increase in milk production.

There is a huge scope in growth of the milk industry in Africa, and the expo will enable the manufacturers, suppliers, technology consultants, and other stakeholders in the industry to showcase their products, technologies and services to explore the largely untapped area.

Conference: At the two-day global conference, experts from the world over will present the latest technologies and practices adopted in dairy farming, milk processing, manufacture of value-added milk products, Ice-cream, Yoghurt, and Cheese

Organizers: Tashikka Trade Fairs Limited takes businesses to new emerging and high-potential markets. Tashikka's edge lies in its network developed over the years through integrity and perseverance. The company has been instrumental in bridging the gap between the industry and the local requirements. With over two decades of experience of organizing Expo's and conferences. TASHIKKA is well equipped to help the exhibitors to make inroads in most promising markets of Africa. Our Motto is 'Coming Together - Growing together'

About Africa Millet & Wellness Expo

Resilient to climate change, Millets are hardy, resilient crops that have a low carbon and water footprint, can withstand high temperatures, and grow on poor soils with little or no external inputs.

Several factors have led to the growing demand for Millet:

  • Growing inclination of the urban population toward healthy food
  • Millets are nutritionally superior to major cereals and good for immunity
  • Gluten-free and non-allergenic
  • Contain calcium, iron, and fibers which help to fortify essential nutrients

2023 will be observed as the International Year of Millets after India's proposal to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) was approved.

The first edition of the AFRICA MILLETS & WELLNESS EXPO, organized by Tashikka Trade Fairs Limited Kenya, will be held from 27 to 29 June 2023 at KICC, Nairobi, Kenya.

The event promises to be an ideal forum to create excellent business deals, garner investment opportunities, and promote high-level business networking. Buyers from East Africa are expected to attend the event to look at procurement sources.

Event Highlights:

  • Exhibition-featuring leading producers of Millets and value-added Millet products
  • Buyer-Connect Program- focused B2B meetings with buyers from leading countries
  • International Conference Millets & Wellness
  • Millet themed Food-Court to create awareness about Millets and their relevance to       food safety, health, and the environment
  • Participating Organisations will create networks for mutual support and peer learning
  • Interaction - with Policy and Decision Makers
  • Top Chefs to demonstrate millet recipes & competitions.

About Loan Expo

Tashikka Trade Fairs brings you yet another B2C exhibition exclusively for banking & non-banking financial in stitutes called 'Loan & Investment Expo', that will help to expand their reach to a larger customer database and find qualifying sales leads. With the growing economy and emerging markets, Kenya is looking at great business opportunities across various channels. The lending market is surging day by day with growing demands and people are actively seeking financial assistance to meet personal and professional goals.

There could be no better time than now to reach out to a large active customer base seeking financial assistance through various types of loans and investments. Tashikka through Loan & Investment Expo endevours to educate and connect potential clients with ways and means to obtain financial assistance from various financial institutes. These clients will learn about emerging opportunities and innovative solutions related to the banking industry. this eventually will help strengthen links between banks and industries. Not just Kenya, but Tashikka looks forward to expand and replicate this platform to other emerging African markets soon.


Tashikka's Loan & Investment Expo's objective is to peovide assistance to people in search of proper knowledge about different types of loans, investments and other banking products.

Types of Loan Assistance

  • Asset financing loan                Business loan                Education loan
  • Gold loan                                 Housing loan                 Home improvement loan
  • Investment loan                       Mortgage loan               Personal loan
  • Vehicle loan                             Investments                  Insurance

About Tashikka Trade Fairs Limited

Tashikka Trade Fairs Limited is an international exhibition company with a strong presence in the Printing Industry. With its 17 years of exhibition experience, Tashikka has been instrumental in opening untapped highpotential markets in Asia and Africa.

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Expo Highlight

  • Long Legacy

    Organising Print Packaging Expo for over 17 years

  • Untapped Markets

    Door way to untapped high potential markets

  • Big Names

    Exhibit with some of the biggest companies of the industry

Tashikka Expositions Print Packk Sign Expo
  • Fan Following

    Huge fan following and visitors database

  • Local Insight

    Local market information and contacts for quick response

  • Personalised Touch

    One-to-one prescheduled meeting with potential buyers










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